Sunday, May 23, 2010

Damn it

ok i screwed up at dinner i ate a grande burro with red chile which would not have been so bad but i went on to a stuffed sopa and drinking a milk shake and then attacking the last chicken strip and french fries. I felt so sick when i was done just didnt understand why either. So i will start again today this is technically day 3 so day 2 was unsuccessful. Maybe the overeaters anonymous will help me from here on out we will see.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

k day 2

So i had 4 tacos for lunch and no b fast and since im pretty much out of food and need to go shopping tonight should be fairly easy. i walked home from work and took the really long up hill way lol all the way to the park first then home lol i thought i was gonna fall over n die but i made it . I remember highschool i used to make fun of the fat girls cuz i was skinny this is gods sick pay back i think!!! Well off to browse movie till dinner

Friday, May 21, 2010


So i feel empty i had a cup of noodle for dinner with a cup of chicken broth and some hot chocolate. I feel starving but im being strong none the less lol... That is a total of a breakfast burrito and that and thats all i ate today so all in all it was a successful day. I'm gonna wait a couple weeks to initially weigh myself so i can shed the water weight first i dont want to beginning yay for all the fake weight i lost. well thats it for tonight ill be back in the morning!

Ugh tired of being fat

So im unbelievably tired of being Fat...Yes i have had 4 kids one after another so i have a damn good excuse but i miss the old me the 135 pound me and i have decided to go find her.. Wherever she may be. Today ill start watching what i eat and trying my hardest to be active. Ugh not an easy thing for me , not at all ! I love food very much! And have absolutely NO self control.... So this is gonna be a huge challenge. I have decided to start by trying to lose 10 lbs...(start small it makes it seem easier) I have an over eating disorder so ill try by eating small portions first i guess. Ill give myself a week to get that under control and start a new goal then. So wish me luck ill need it ! Here i go DAY 1