Friday, May 21, 2010

Ugh tired of being fat

So im unbelievably tired of being Fat...Yes i have had 4 kids one after another so i have a damn good excuse but i miss the old me the 135 pound me and i have decided to go find her.. Wherever she may be. Today ill start watching what i eat and trying my hardest to be active. Ugh not an easy thing for me , not at all ! I love food very much! And have absolutely NO self control.... So this is gonna be a huge challenge. I have decided to start by trying to lose 10 lbs...(start small it makes it seem easier) I have an over eating disorder so ill try by eating small portions first i guess. Ill give myself a week to get that under control and start a new goal then. So wish me luck ill need it ! Here i go DAY 1


  1. Hey Jen,
    You might want to consider looking into OA. It's been helping me with my compulsive overeating.
    Good luck and keep us posted. :D Love ya!

  2. I wish you luck dear, I, too have some unwanted weight to get rid of, over-eating can be caused by many things, Amy's link looked pretty interesting, I have lost 13 pounds just by changing my eating habits, I haven't been as active, but by trying new healthier meals: add more veggies, eat small meals 4 to 6 times a day, add more fiber at meal times, I usually eat a small breakfast and then two hours later eat a small snack, it really holds me over and helps me to not eat too much when I am eating lunch.Chew your food thoroughly, a lot of people scarf their food down and don't give their body the time to release leptin to let them know they are full, thus overeating happens, if you feel hungry drink a glass of water first before you start to munch on anything.Also I try to put helpful information on my facebook weight loss challenge page, trying to get dicussion going as well, by all means check things out.. I am here for you.. it is hard battle to be won when trying to lose weight and be healthy.


  3. Thanks alexis you were always a great friend. And i do check out your facebook it acually gave me some motivation i'm gonna start a diary on my computer about what i eat to help me figure it out. I wanna at least be back to 150 and eventually my original 135 figure but for now i want to start with 10 pounds as my first goal

  4. And Amy you are amazing to i'm going to that website and checking it out right now i didnt even know it had a site thank you and ill keep you posted